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Frequently Asked Questions



How can I trust CSO CO. LTD?

We are a registered company and have been exporting quality vehicles worldwide We are a member of all auctions in Japan and access to over 200,000 vehicles.

How can CSO Co. Ltd provide vehicles at low price?

CSO Co. Ltd provides high quality vehicles at low prices due to our low cost in operations. Our profit margin is relatively lower, which results in the lower final cost of vehicle. We are a member of the entire Japanese Auctions, where vehicles are available in all prices ranges, and we monitor and pick out vehicles of low prices while not compromising on quality.

How to purchase a vehicle through CSO Co. Ltd?

A vehicle can be purchased with ease from CSO. Go through the vehicles available in stock. Once the vehicle is selected, contact one of our sales staff to get full quote up to your destination port along with a Pro-forma Invoice, which includes the total price of the vehicle and the bank details. Proceed with the payment to secure the vehicle. On receipt of payment we will proceed with the shipment of the vehicle.

Is it possible to import a used car from Japan into my country?

You need to check the custom department and registration laws of your country before you begin the purchasing process. Please note import laws vary from country to country.

Is there any warranty for the used vehicles?

No, there isn’t any warranty on Japanese used cars, but we openly disclose the condition of the Japanese car including any interior/exterior damage, repair history, distance the Japanese car has been driven, etc, in order to keep the condition of the vehicle transparent and crystal clear with our customers.

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What do I do if I have a query regarding a vehicle?

If you have any sort of query regarding the vehicle or the purchase process, you can always email us at [email protected], and one of our representatives will reply back instantly. Or, you can go through this page to check if your query has already been answered.

How can I order the vehicle at CSO?

Simply: View our website to select the desired vehicle Place enquiry for the quote and Pro-forma Invoice Proceed with payment against the invoice Provide consignee details for shipment Vehicle will be shipped.

What if the vehicle I ordered is no more available?

There are cases in which there are several customers interested in the same vehicle and make the payment for it. In such a case, the vehicle will be sold to the customer whose payment we receive first. If the vehicle you ordered get sold in such a manner, then we will provide you a very similar vehicle, which will be shipped to you after your approval. Since CSO Co. Ltd is part of the entire Auctions, any vehicle can be arranged for you. All you have to do is provide us the specifications of the vehicle(s) you require, and we will provide you the price the vehicle can be arranged for. You will be required to deposit a certain amount, usually 50%, in advance, using which we will purchase the vehicle for you from auctions. Then you can transfer the balance payment including shipment charges so that we can ship the vehicle to you.

What sort of maintenance is carried out for the available vehicles?

All the vehicles are sold on “as is” basis, but they are pre-inspected for roadworthiness. Since our focus is on high quality of vehicles, it is highly unlikely that any of the available vehicles would require any maintenance.

What is the quality of the vehicles?

Vehicles are sourced from various sources including Auctions and Dealers, and our focus is always on sourcing high quality vehicles. Our utmost intention is to gain high level of customer satisfaction, due to which the vehicles we add to our stock are always in good condition, and all vehicles are pre-inspected before being added to stock.

Are you able to find a left hand drive car for me?

The chance of finding such cars in Japan is very small because there are no left hand drive cars in Japan. However, we have arranged left hand drive vehicles due to the big demand from our foreign customers from various sources.

Any problem in the vehicles that I should know about?

All the vehicles in our stock are in good condition and there are no problems in them. However, since these vehicles are not brand new, you can expect a few vehicles to have scratches or light dents, which are indicated on the website for the convenience of our customers.

How to obtain a Pro-forma Invoice?

For whichever vehicle you need a Pro-forma Invoice, just send an enquiry for the selected vehicle, and one of our sales staff will be in touch with you instantly to provide you the details and the Pro-forma Invoice.

What to do after receiving Pro-forma Invoice?

Once the Pro-forma Invoice is received, you can print it and contact your bank for the transfer of payment. Once payment is transferred, send us the scanned copy of the bank receipt so that we are able to track your payment with our bank.

What grading is and how to know about it?

Grades are meant to show the condition of vehicle. Numbers are mentioned for grading a vehicles condition.

Is there any fee to become a member?

No, there is no fee to become a member, its free, click here to proceed.

How to buy from Auctions?

Click here to see details.

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What is the payment method?

All payments are accepted through Telegraphic Transfer, which is the quickest, safest, and simplest method. The payments through T.T. are transferred within 3 days. For specific countries, we accept L/C as well.

What are the terms of payment?

All payments are to be made 100% in advance before shipment. We accept payments in installments as well, which can be paid over a period of 30 days. However, shipment will only take place once 100% payment is complete.

Where can I find your bank account details?

Our bank account details can be viewed at our website on the Bank Details page. The bank details are also on the pro-forma invoice you will receive for the selected vehicle.

Which currencies are accepted for payment?

We accept US Dollars, GB Pounds, Euro and Japanese YEN.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Currenty Credit card facility is not available, payment mode is only Telegraphic Transfer.

What are FOB and CIF prices?

FOB stands for Free On Board, which is the price of the vehicle in Japan and it does not include shipment charges to any destination. CIF stands for Cost, Insurance and Freight, and this price is inclusive of the shipment and insurance charges to the preferred destination.

What are inspection charges for?

Some countries have legal inspections requirement whereas some countries don’t. If your country requires vehicles to be inspected in Japan, then the inspection charges will be included in the pro-forma invoice. For countries that don’t require inspection, the vehicles are shipped without inspection, but we arrange inspection only on the request of our customers.

What are the insurance charges in the CIF price for?

It is mandatory by the shipping company to have the vehicle insured from departure port to destination port, and therefore the CIF price includes the insurance charges.

What do you I need to do after making the payment?

Once we confirm receipt of your payment, we will request your details (consignee details) for the documentation. We will inform you the expected duration of shipment of your vehicle, and when the documents will be sent. You will be updated on all the progress of the vehicle’s shipment.

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What are ETA and ETD?

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival ETD: Estimated Time of Departure

How do I get to know the shipment date of my vehicle?

Once the shipping company informs us of the shipment date of your vehicle, we will update you instantly. You will be provided regular updates regarding the shipment.

Is the shipment insured?

Yes, the CIF price includes the port to port insurance.

Are the vehicles inspected?

All the vehicles in our stock are added to the website after inspection, and the vehicles are again inspected before shipment.

How will my vehicle be shipped?

Once the complete payment of your vehicle is received, we will arrange booking of your vehicle with the shipping company on the next available vessel headed towards your destination port.

When will I receive the documents of the vehicle?

Once the vehicle is shipped, the shipping company will provide the Bill of Lading, after which we will send the documents to you, using which you will be able to clear the vehicle from port. The documents will include Bill of Lading, Customs Invoice, Export Certificate, and Inspection Certificate (if inspection was requested to be carried out).

How many days will it take for the vehicle to arrive?

The duration from port in Japan to your destination port depends on the destination itself. For some, it takes approximately 1-2 weeks, while for most locations, it takes approximately 4 weeks. Duration of shipment can vary depending on the route taken by the shipping vessel, and any unforeseen circumstances.

How to clear the vehicle from port?

After you have received the documents of your vehicle, you can get in touch with local shipping/clearing agents who will guide you with the process and assist you in the clearance of your vehicle.

Any maintenance to carry out after receiving the vehicle?

We recommend that before beginning your routing driving, the regular service should be carried out which includes oil change, oil and fuel filter change, checking tyres and air pressures of tyres, and any cleaning required. During shipment of vehicle, the vehicle can collect dust and therefore cleaning may be necessary.

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Can I cancel the car I purchase by myself?

When a customer cancels his/her order, we may have to resell that car in auction or by any other way. As you cancel the purchase, you have to bear the difference of price and other costs that may occur.

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